AccuWeather's 2020 Europe autumn forecast


After a spring and summer spent toggling between lockdowns and loosening restrictions, only for those restrictions to come back, Europeans across the continent are hopeful that the changing of seasons will bring a return of normalcy this autumn.

*A historically active 2020 Atlantic hurricane season may be drawing more headlines in North America than Europe, but the increased number of tropical systems also means an increased chance for some of those systems to track back across the Atlantic and impact Western Europe as a tropical rainstorm.

*In the second half of the season, that weather pattern is expected to flip, as a more southern storm track will bring increased windstorm threats to southern France and Portugal, while threats across Germany and northern France decrease.

*The switch from summer to fall won’t be noticeable for many Europeans, as lingering high temperatures will hold through September in the western and central portions of the continent. In Spain, the combination of heat and dry conditions could make conditions feel extra warm for the first part of fall.

*In central and southeastern Europe, that same mid-season shift will bring wintry conditions for some locations.

*Roys added that if any moderate accumulations of snow does occur in areas of the interior Balkan valleys and northern Ukraine, significant damage could occur if leaves are still on trees. Accuweather