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20,000-year-old remnant uncovered in melting permafrost


Photo: The Siberian Times

Around 20,000 years ago, a young woolly rhinoceros went about its day like usual in the icy region of what is now northern Siberia. Foraging for food, something likely went fatally wrong for the young animal as it drowned in the Tirekhtyakh River or a nearby area of water, Accuweather reports.

Fast forward a few millennia and that woolly rhino's tragic fate that day has become a pathologist's...

A significant winter storm with a lot of snow will strike Spain


Snow depth (cm) 10.01. Source: Meteociel

The overall pattern established over Europe favors cold weather in many parts of our continent, especially across the southwestern Europe, SWE reports.

Starting this Thursday, a significant winter storm will hit Spain. A huge amount of snow is expected across the eastern half of the country, likely with more th...