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Spain bathed in the sun still enjoys the summer temperatures


Sunset, photo: Weather4Me

In the very south of Europe, Spain has seen today the continuation of extremely warm weather that has preserved the taste of summer throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

The highest recorded temperature was in Pajara Morro Jable of 28°C, and Torrox - faro 26.7°C, and it was also very sunny in popular Tenerife with 26.2°C.

However, Spain is also rich in mountains, and that usually makes impress...

The above-average warm weather continues in Belgium


Maximum temperatures yesterday, source: Meteociel

In recent days, much of Europe has been engulfed by unusually warm, rainfall-free weather that has created an atmosphere of late summer, ideal for family walks and outdoors.

Such weather continued today in Belgium, where the highest recorded temperature was 23.3 °C in Diepenbeek and Kleine Brogel, while it was almost equally warm in Sint-Katelijne-Waver with 23.2 °C, which for this place repre...