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AccuWeather's 2020 Europe autumn forecast


Acchuweather forecast highlights

After a spring and summer spent toggling between lockdowns and loosening restrictions, only for those restrictions to come back, Europeans across the continent are hopeful that the changing of seasons will bring a return of normalcy this autumn.

*A historically active 2020 Atlantic hurricane season may be drawing more headlines in North America than Europe, but the increased number of tropical ...

Record-breaking heat over Svalbard (Arctic Norway), reaching almost +22 °C


Ecotourism in Svalbard, photo: Woodwalker/Wikipedia

The boiling Arctic. This time, record heat was reported from Svalbard (Norway) which sets its all-time heat record this Saturday, July 25th. The airport in Longyearbyen reported the maximum temperature of +21.7 °C. That is the highest temperature ever recorded at the station, breaking its previous record set it 1979!

Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Situated north of mai...