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This Alaska town won't see the sun for more than 2 months


Alaska, photo: Twitter

The sun rose and set in Utqiagvik, Alaska, formerly known as Barrow, for the last time for on Thursday for a period of over 60 days.

The small town located north of the Arctic Circle has entered its annual phase of darkness, known as polar night.

"This tilt makes it so that none of the Sun's disc are visible above the horizon," according to Chinchar.

But that doesn't mean the town will be...

Hurricane Iota to deal another catastrophic blow to Central America


Hurricane Iota, source: Accuweaher

As a humanitarian crisis unfolds across portions of Central America, another dangerous tropical threat looms large across the region. Areas still working to recover from the deadly Hurricane Eta are now under threat from an equally powerful tropical system -- Hurricane Iota, Accuweather reports.