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Temperature of -23C in Braemar is UK's lowest in 25 years


Cars were buried in snow in Aberdeenshire (PA MEDIA)

The Met Office says an overnight temperature of -23C (-9.4F) recorded in Scotland is the lowest in more than 25 years.

BBC weather presenter Simon King described the temperatures in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, as "incredible".

It was the lowest February temperature since 1955, and the UK's coldest night since 30 December 1995.

A Met Office yellow snow and ice warning is in place for large par...

20,000-year-old remnant uncovered in melting permafrost


Photo: The Siberian Times

Around 20,000 years ago, a young woolly rhinoceros went about its day like usual in the icy region of what is now northern Siberia. Foraging for food, something likely went fatally wrong for the young animal as it drowned in the Tirekhtyakh River or a nearby area of water, Accuweather reports.

Fast forward a few millennia and that woolly rhino's tragic fate that day has become a pathologist's...